74-year-old man from Plymouth sets 4 powerlifting world records

Ray Fougnier passionate about powerlifting

PLYMOUTH, Mich. – Most men Ray Fougnier's age are content with not lifting a finger in retirement. For Fougnier, lifting hundreds of pounds is his passion.

"My father retired at 65, was sick the whole time and died," Fougnier said. "My mother retired and got diabetes and died, and never really had a retirement."

So Fougnier committed himself to a healthy lifestyle after retiring from education. But he didn't get heavy into power lifting until age 70. He found it gave him an avenue to stay fit and he liked the competition.

"I tried it and I was hooked," he said.

Now Ray travels all over the world competing. Back in April, just days after his 74th birthday, Fougnier set four world records for his weight class. He benched 201 pounds, he squatted 286 pounds and he deadlifted 419 pounds. He was also named best lifter, meaning he beat out guy's half his age.

"I hope I inspire my family and friends and other Native Americans," Fougnier said.

Next up for Fougnier, the World Championships in September where he hopes to challenge himself by lifting in a higher weight class.