NCAA: Shot clock rule altered in women's basketball

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The rule changes continue in the world of college basketball.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved resetting the shot clock in women's basketball to 20 seconds after an attempted field goal hits the rim and the offensive team rebounds the ball in the front court, according to the NCAA

The rule change was made to try to enhance the pace of the game. The NCAA believes that the 30 second shot clock is not needed since the offensive team is already in the front court after securing the rebound. 

When the shot clock is below 20 seconds, it will reset to 20 seconds when the defensive team commits a single person foul or when the ball is intentionally kicked or hit with a fist in the offensive team's frontcourt. When the shot clock is at 20 seconds or above, it will not reset in these situations. 

The panel also approved a rule that if a player receives one technical foul and one unsportsmanlike foul in the same game, the player would be ejected. The rule is in effect for the 2019-20 season. The offended team will be awarded the ball for a throw-in at the division line (half court line) when the opponents have been assessed a player substitute or bench technical foul when play resumes. 

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