Rant: So the Lions won, and it may hurt their draft spot. I’m over it

Just a rant about the Lions, nothing to see here

DETROIT, MICHIGAN - DECEMBER 19: Will Harris #25 of the Detroit Lions reacts after an incomplete pass by the Arizona Cardinals in the fourth quarter at Ford Field on December 19, 2021 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images) (Emilee Chinn, 2021 Getty Images)

DETROIT – Year after year, we complain about the Lions. And for good reason.

The Lions are historically and infamously one of the worst sports teams in the history of professional sports in America. We know all the numbers.

And yet, even when they win, many of us scream out, “What about your draft position!?” You know, as if drafting in the top ten every year has helped the Lions become a contender.

When the Lions pulled off the big upset against Arizona on Sunday, perhaps putting their No. 1 pick position in jeopardy, fans on social media whined about it. Why wouldn’t they just roll over and let Arizona beat them, you know, for that No. 1 pick?

Who cares about winning, anymore! We’re all just here for the next draft pick. Draft picks always work out, especially for the Lions.

Stop. Stop this.

How can the Lions build a winning culture without winning? Please, explain it. Should they just tank year after year until they suddenly become a playoff team? Should Dan Campbell just play the backups until they are able to lure a star free agent to Detroit?

Losing, in tanking fashion, is brutally damaging to players, coaches and fans. Yes, sometimes it makes sense -- but not in a fresh rebuild, with a new staff and nearly new roster of young players. Learning how to win is part of a team becoming successful. Constantly losing does nothing but teach players how to be losers.

If you want the Lions to remain losers, sure, keep complaining. Root for that No. 1 pick, so they can take a defensive end. That will surely be the missing piece.

But if you’re like me, you want to see a massive shift in the Lions. Not just a win, not just a couple of wins, and not just a playoff appearance. I want to see the franchise become something worth investing in.

You can’t do that by being a loser. And you can’t do that by depending on a draft pick every single year.

And for what it’s worth, the Lions could easily still land the top pick, or the second pick. They will still get a potentially great player. Imagine that player joining a team with a glimmer of hope, and not a dumpster fire.

About the Author:

Ken Haddad is the digital content and audience manager for WDIV / ClickOnDetroit.com. He also authors the Morning Report Newsletter and various other newsletters. He's been with WDIV since 2013. He enjoys suffering through Lions games on Sundays in the fall.