Video shows how dangerous potholes can be on I-94 in Detroit

Potholes cause multiple spin-outs, near-crashes

DETROIT - We all know how dangerous potholes on Michigan freeways can be, especially in wintry weather conditions. 

But actually capturing a series of spin-outs and near-crashes on camera really drills home the threat these road craters pose. 

Local 4's Tim Pamplin captured a scary scene Wednesday night on westbound I-94 near the Scotten Avenue bridge overpass -- about a mile from the Livernois Avenue exit in Detroit. A series of potholes caused several vehicles and semi trucks to lose control. Some vehicles hit the potholes and never regained control, ending up on the freeway embankment. 

Amazingly, no vehicles collided. That's a testament to the skill some of these Michigan drivers have acquired by routinely traveling over the potholes. 

Take a look at the video. Local 4's Priya Mann offers some play-by-play. 

Here's a closer look at the offending potholes: 

The Michigan Department of Transportation got a crew out there to patch the holes. At least that's one less hazard to worry about, but it's just a tiny tip off the proverbial pothole iceberg in Michigan. 

Last month we started surveying ClickOnDetroit readers about the worst potholed roads in Metro Detroit. The results have been overwhelming, as you can imagine.

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