Should Lexington be on your summer bucket list this year?

Lexington is less than a 2 hours drive from Downtown Detroit

LEXINGTON, Mich. – WDIV Insiders said that Lexington, Michigan, should be on everyone’s summer bucket list, so we went to check it out.

Lexington is only about a 70-mile drive from Downtown Detroit. It’s a small town of about 1,100 people in Sanilac County and it has a lot of charm.

“I have been here 36 years. I start my 37th year in July,” Lexington resident Jim Gresock said.

Gresock, who owns the restaurant Wimpy’s Place, gave me the lay of the land, pulling out a brochure showcasing what Lexington has to offer.

“There’s multiple places to stay. And there is different activities all the time. And it’s still old world,” Grescock said. “We have one of the best firework displays Fourth of July that goes on, one of the best art fairs first weekend of August.”

Sheila Klaas is on the village council. She spends some of her free time at the Lexington General Store.

“It’s old-time, come in and get candy. Kids love it,” Klaas said.

I asked Klaas for recommendations for couples visiting Lexington.

“I would recommend dinner at any of the places here on the main street where you get a nice view of the water,” she said.

Lexington has Lake Huron in its backyard.

“The water, the beach, that’s the main thing. You go down here, you go down to the beach, just to walk the break wall,” Lexington resident Andrew Gresock said while we sat on a bench outside his father’s restaurant, Wimpy’s Place.

We made the quick walk to the harbor to see the Lexington Breakwall. And it was by far my favorite attraction in the village.

Adjacent to the break wall is a sandy beach.

“It speaks for itself,” Lexington visitor Leticia Martinez said about the view.

Lexington grows by the thousands in the summer.

“We come here all the time to enjoy the nice weather,” Lexington visitor Carley Kalbfleisch said.

Even with the crowds, the spirit of this community remains the same all year long.

“Everybody is super chill at the beach. You can honestly talk to anybody.” Lexington visitor Shelby Treash said.

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