People on the internet can't get over this insane recipe

Someone called it 'one of the most vile things I've ever eaten'

Photo by Andrea Davis from Pexels
Photo by Andrea Davis from Pexels

One of the best things about the internet is the plethora of online recipes for delicious food. You can spend your time on so many blogs and websites that are completely devoted to bringing you the most innovative and creative recipes out there. But as people on Twitter found out this last weekend, sometimes too much creativity can lead to becoming the laughingstock of the internet. 

You've probably seen recipe videos when scrolling on Facebook or Twitter. One recipe video caught the eye of journalist Yashar Ali, who shared it on Twitter with the caption, "I'm calling the FBI." Watch the video below and you'll see why. 


Yes, just when you thought this was going to be a recipe for some sort of BBQ chicken tortilla, all of a sudden it's deep-fried and turned into a pizza. Has anyone actually eaten this before? Where did this recipe come from? Who decided this was a good idea? Just like everyone on Twitter, we have a million questions, too. 

Some people noted how exhausting this is to make when you can simply order delivery. 

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