🔒 Detroit ghost hunters share some of their scariest adventures, best evidence

DETROITDetroit Paranormal Expeditions (DPX) is a Michigan-based paranormal investigation team.

They investigate hauntings at places large and small, including some of the best-known landmarks in the state and even around the Midwest.

In the video above, the team looks at a home in the West Canfield Historic District in Midtown.

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Here are some of their other stories with some of their evidence:

Shadow figure at Madison Seminary - Madison, Ohio

During an investigation at Madison Seminary, Todd Bonner (of DPX) randomly took a live photo (which has been converted to a video) with his phone. In the clip, I am sitting in the middle of the room. At right, our friend Cindy is changing camera batteries because they kept dying. She’s holding a flashlight, which is lighting up a wall behind me. A flash goes off, and you can see no one is in front of Cindy.

It goes dark again, and someone walks through the light from right to left, but there was no one there to make that shadow. In front of Cindy is a dormer with a window at the end. There are no doors, and there was no one in the dormer. Plus, the window is about 4 feet tall. There were 8 of us there that night, probably all 5-feet, 2-inches or taller.

Right when the flash goes off and before the shadow passes through the flashlight, it looks like something moves in the dormer, but it isn’t taller than the window. It appears to be about the size of a child. The fact that Todd took the live photo at that moment was complete luck.

‘Stop talking’ on Geobox, ‘Pauline’ EVP at Kempf House - Ann Arbor, Mich.

During a paranormal investigation at the Kempf House museum, our investigator Lauren asks "What did you do in this room?" and a voice comes through the Geobox that says, "Stop talking." The others in the room briefly discuss what they heard. At 17 seconds, "Pauline" is heard, then someone clears their throat, and "Pauline" is heard faintly again, this time trailing off. No one in the room said "Pauline," and this wasn't discovered until listening back, making this an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP). A woman who once lived there and taught music lessons out of the house was named Pauline.

AVP of Woman Humming at The Whitney - Detroit, Mich.

During a paranormal investigation at The Whitney, members of DPX heard a woman audibly humming a song in the carriage house, which is behind the restaurant itself. Because the humming is faint, the first part of the clip has been amplified. There were only three people present at the time - Lauren, Brandy and Todd. None of the three were humming the song. Grace, daughter of David Whitney, used to sit in the carriage house and have tea.

The table she sat at is still out there. It’s rumored that the table was once removed, and paranormal activity in the carriage house skyrocketed. The table was put back, and it quieted down, but it sounds like Grace is still in the carriage house.

‘Shipwreck ... I told you to go’ EVP at Beaver Island Head Lighthouse - Beaver Island, Mich.

During a trip to Beaver Island to do a paranormal presentation, the DPX team decided to travel to the island’s remote southern end to visit the Beaver Island Head Lighthouse. As soon as the team pulled up, the psychic who was along for the trip saw a woman in a white dress standing on the porch of the lighthouse.

The woman was pointing back toward the road saying, “Go. You need to leave now,” and the feeling the psychic picked up was that the woman was trying to protect us from something darker in the house. The lighthouse itself was locked up, but the keepers leave a small building attaching the house to the lighthouse, as well as the lighthouse itself, open 24/7 for visitors.

The team decided to do a short 20-minute EVP session, where they ask questions, and see if they pick up voices on the recording that they didn’t hear in the moment. Upon listening back to the audio, a very loud “Shipwreck ... I told you to go” is heard at 9 seconds after Jeff asks a spirit to shake a door handle and Todd jokes about the door opening. No one in the room heard “Shipwreck... I told you to go” when it was said, and it sounds very angry.

What's interesting is that the "I told you to go" part makes sense in the context of the woman our psychic saw, and "Shipwreck" actually makes sense too. One of the lighthouse's first keepers in the mid-1800s was involved in numerous shipwreck crew recoveries off the coast of the island.

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