Michigan artist turns Detroit potholes into beautiful mosaics

DETROIT – A Metro Detroit native and mosaic artist returned home recently to help his home-state with one of its biggest issues: potholes.

Jim Bachor, a Dearborn Heights native, is turning potholes in Detroit - and around the country - into beautiful works of art.

Bachor recently filled potholes in Eastern Market with Detroit tributes, including Aretha Franklin and the classic Detroit coney dog. He previously filled a pothole near the Spirit of Detroit statue. 

"In the ancient world, mosaics were used to capture images of everyday life. These colorful pieces of stone or glass set in mortar were the photographs of empires long past," Bachor writes. " Using the same materials, tools and methods of the archaic craftsmen, I create mosaics that speak of modern things in an ancient voice. My work locks into mortar unexpected concepts drawn from the present."

Watch Alex Atwell's Uniquely Detroit story on Bachor in the video player above. See more work from Bachor at his website and see more photos below.

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