Rochester Hills neighborhood cleans up after tornado

EF1 tornado causes damage with 90 mph winds

According to the National Weather Service's Dan Thompson, an EF1 tornado touched down in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Sunday morning.

With a maximum wind speed of 90 mph, the twister cut a one and a quarter mile (1.25 mi.) path of destruction that was 150 yards wide (one and a half football fields) in just 2 minutes. The tornado formed at 5:57 am ET and was gone by 5:59am ET.

"It was like thunder -- so loud. It felt like a freight train just hit our house," resident Julian Benavides said. "We grabbed everyone and went to the basement."

The storm was so strong it blew the roof off the the Benavides' home, caving in a portion of their second floor.

Trees were uprooted, large branches were knocked down, and significant roof damage occurred on homes on and near Grand View Drive.

There were no injuries from the homes, and a shelter is being set up at Van Hoosen Middle School for the families.

SLIDESHOW: Rochester Hills Tornado Damage

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