Paul Gross: Sunday storms could impact Detroit Tigers game

Thunderstorms could be severe

A line of thunderstorms will cross the area this afternoon, and these storms could be severe.
A line of thunderstorms will cross the area this afternoon, and these storms could be severe.

DETROIT – Welcome to the back half of our weekend.  We have some potential weather trouble today, but that’ll hold off until afternoon, so try to get your outdoor stuff done in the morning…it’ll be a great one to take a walk, play some tennis or golf, get a few things done around the yard, or head to Flower Day at Eastern Market!
We have two main storm chances today:  although a few showers are possible late-morning into the early afternoon, the first big storm chance is early-to-mid-afternoon.  These storms could become severe, and this weather likely will impact the Tigers game…be aware of this.  

Likewise, if you’re heading to the Detroit City FC home opener at Keyworth Stadium in Hamtramck.  Soccer can be played in the rain, but lightning is a deal killer (and a real killer).  Obviously, the storms’ timing is paramount to the impact on these two big events.

The second storm chance now appears to be this evening in closer proximity to the approaching cold front, and this gives us another chance for some severe weather, although the big question is if the atmosphere behind the first batch of storms will destabilize enough in time for the next batch – less instability would mean less storm coverage and a lower severe chance.  

The primary threats today are damaging straight-line wind gusts and large hail.  However, forecast upper air data now suggests a small tornado threat if any individual storms manage to develop out ahead of either line of storms.  We meteorologists call these “discrete cells.” 
A lot of you will be outdoors today, and it is imperative that you stay up to date on the afternoon weather.  Make sure that you have the FREE Local4Casters weather app downloaded on your phone…just search under “WDIV” in the app store.  

When you open the app, it opens right onto the radar page, which you can pan or zoom with your fingers.  Check the app often for any developing storms…and remember that you also get warning notifications.  Also make sure that your weather radio is turned on and has fresh batteries.  

Finally, if skies are darkening and you’re starting to hear thunder or see lightning to the west, don't wait for the rain before heading inside.  The most dangerous wind gusts associated with most severe thunderstorms rush out ahead of the storm and arrive before the rain.  If you wait for the rain, it’ll be too late.  Plus, if you see lightning or hear thunder, then lightning is close enough to hit you…no matter how far away it may seem.
Highs today should reach 80 degrees (27 degrees Celsius), with a southwest wind at 20 to 30 mph…this will cause some high water issues for those of you on the north or northeastern side of Lakes Erie, St. Clair and Huron.
Have a great Sunday, and stay weather-wise today…

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