Metro Detroit forecast: Cloudy week, wet weekend ahead

Temperatures expected to rise

Metro Detroit weather forecast Sept. 9, 2020

DETROIT – Sunshine will be hard to find until the end of Thursday. Temperatures start trending higher, though, as we head into the weekend.

Cloudy & Cool

This is the kind of weather we’d be OK with in November or December. But with a few weeks left in summer, it seems like a stark switch. Clouds will remain through the first part of Thursday. Then we’ll get some sunshine back to finish our shortened work and school week. We’ll stay below normal both Thursday and Friday with highs in the low 70s. At least humidity won’t be an issue.

Weekend Rain

If you’re going to deal with rain on the weekend, squeezing into the non-daylight hours is the best you can hope for. And for the most part, that’s what we’re expecting. Showers and storms develop late Saturday evening. Some of those will linger into early Sunday morning. But the majority of Sunday will remain dry. As cooler air invades Sunday afternoon, there’s a slight chance at an instability sprinkle, but most of us will miss it. Highs will still reach the mid-to-upper 70s both days.

Settling In

Next week seems to find the equilibrium between our two ‘extremes’ this week. Temperatures will be close to normal for mid-September. And it looks we’ll stay dry through Friday at least. Pepper in some sunshine with a few clouds and doesn’t look half bad.

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