Metro Detroit weather: Highs in the mid 40s again

DETROIT – Wasn’t yesterday afternoon beautiful?

I stepped outside for a few moments, and it sure felt like a precursor to spring. But if you weren’t satisfied and insist upon another mild day, Ye Olde Meteorologist will provide.

We’ll get at least partial sunshine this morning, then clouds will become more prevalent as the afternoon wears on. Highs will once again reach the mid 40s (7 degrees Celsius), but it’ll be another breezy day with southwest winds becoming northwest later at 15 to 20 mph.

Today’s sunrise is at 7:16 a.m., and today’s sunset is at 6:18 p.m.

Temperatures this evening will cool off quickly following passage of a modest cold front, and plummet all the way down into the low 20s (-6 to -5 degrees Celsius), as clearing skies and slackening wind (northwest at 5 to 10 mph) also promote better radiational cooling.

Thursday forecast

Mostly sunny to partly cloudy on Thursday. It’ll be a cooler day with highs in the mid 30s (2 degrees Celsius), but the sunshine is all that matters!

Becoming mostly clear Thursday night, and it’ll be another chilly night with lows again in the low 20s (-6 degrees Celsius).

Friday forecast

Mostly sunny on Friday -- what a great day to end the work week -- with highs in the mid 30s (3 degrees Celsius).

Increasing clouds with rain developing later Friday night (the evening will be dry). Temperatures will initially fall to around 27 degrees (-3 degrees Celsius) Friday evening, then rise into the mid 30s (1 to 2 degrees Celsius) by dawn Saturday.

As long as the incoming moisture holds off until the warmer air gets here, then we’ll see all rain. However, if the moisture arrives when temps are still near freezing, it could begin as a short period of snow or ice, then transition to rain.

Weekend outlook

We’ll start our Saturday with rain, so that’s not good news for you early morning runners. However, if you can hold off on that run until afternoon, your patience may be rewarded with developing sunshine and highs rebounding back into the mid 40s (7 degrees Celsius)!

Becoming mostly cloudy Saturday night, with lows in the low 30s (0 to 1 degree Celsius).

Mostly cloudy on Sunday -- possibly becoming partly cloudy at some point with a bit of luck. Highs in the mid 40s (8 degrees Celsius).

A quick look ahead to next week

At this point, I’m not seeing indications on the long-range computer models of any big storm systems affecting us. Obviously, this could change but, right now, I see a pretty quiet weather week ahead with more sun than clouds and temperatures continuing near or above average!

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