Metro Detroit weather: After a beautiful Tuesday afternoon cold and wet conditions arrive

Chances of rain in this week’s forecast

DETROIT – Tuesday was beautiful and breezy, but the coldest and wettest part of the forecast is just around the corner.

Still Dropping

Even though we eeked out a few more degrees for Tuesday’s highs, the overall cooling trend from last week’s 81 continues. Some of us will wake up to the upper 30s on Wednesday morning (check the 4ZONE forecast for numbers). But highs will stop in the mid 50s for everybody by afternoon. Thursday morning starts even colder, with some outlying areas flirting with the freezing mark. And highs will barely touch 50 in the afternoon. Beyond that, things start to trend warmer.

Rain Around

Many of us will see a raindrop at some point Wednesday or Thursday. But neither of these days will bring in a ton of moisture. An upper level low will take its own sweet time traipsing through the Great Lakes. Wednesday’s shot should be mainly in the North Zone and likely not until late afternoon or evening. Then more of us will see a shower Thursday morning. But with the 30-degree starts mentioned above, a few flakes at the start isn’t out of the question. Rain chances will be likely through the day, finally wrapping up early Friday morning.

Warmer Weekend

Temperatures reach 60 on Friday. Then we’ll get a couple degrees milder for Saturday and Sunday. Dry conditions continue for nearly everyone until early Sunday. There’s an outside chance at a sprinkle Saturday evening, but don’t change your plans on that account. It won’t be as chilly in the morning either as most spots return to the 40s for morning starts.

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