Your snow questions answered: What are the chances the storm system will suddenly change direction?

The Local4Casters have knowledge to share!

Snow (Pixabay)

We have a team of dedicated meteorologists here at ClickOnDetroit and Local 4.

If you have some questions about the snow -- from how much to expect in your neighborhood or how the heck snow even forms in the first place -- ask away!

The Local4Casters are a bastion of knowledge in this area. We don’t want to keep it all to ourselves!

Meteorologist Paul Gross has answered many already, including the following:

Tony Pozios asks: “What are the chances that the storm system will suddenly change direction or intensity and result in either a blizzard or just a couple inches?”

Paul’s answer: “There are two parts to this storm. We have high confidence in the first half giving us multiple inches of snow. We cannot envision a scenario where this part changes. Conversely, there is uncertainty in the second half (Thursday) part. Some computer models give the southern part of the area a few more inches, while some models give us almost nothing. This afternoon’s (Wednesday) models should shed some light on this.”

Camden asks: “Will the snow add up quicker once it becomes more fluffy and light? If it even gets to the drier lighter snow?”

Paul’s answer: “The initial snow is falling in relatively mild temperatures -- the 30s. So this is indeed a higher water content snow -- a heavier, “good packing” snow. But temperatures will drop, and the snow we get later today won’t stick as much. And with temperatures in the 20s on Thursday, any snow we get (if any) would be a very fluffy snow.

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