Detroit releases plan for clearing roads ahead of weekend snowstorm

2-6 inches expected

Southeast Michigan expected to get 2 to 6 inches of snow Saturday. 

DETROIT - The city of Detroit released its plan for maintaining roads ahead of this weekend's snowstorm.

Snow is projected to begin Friday evening, and between 2 and 6 inches are expected to fall on Metro Detroit.

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Crews will be treating bridges with brining solution and spraying roads and bike lanes with salt on Friday evening. The city has two 12-member crews of snowplow and salt truck drivers who are scheduled in 12-hour shifts throughout the weekend.

The city said snowfall will be continually monitored.

The city's approach to clearing roads is based on a level system that shows what actions will be taken based on how much snow falls.

Level 1

•    3 inches or less of snow and/or freezing rain (average of 80 percent of Detroit snow events fall into this category)
•    DPW crews remove snow only from major thoroughfare by salting streets.
•    Bike Lanes will be salted
•    All roads will be cleared for vehicular traffic within 24 hours of snow stopping; all bike lanes will be salted within 36 hours of snow stopping

Level 2

•    3 to 6 inches of snow
•    DPW crews will remove snow only from major thoroughfares by plowing and/or salting roads.
•    Bike lanes will be plowed and salted as needed; snow from bike lanes will either be pushed to the curb, or hauled away, dependent upon volume of snowfall
•    Highest priority roads will be cleared within 24 hours of snow stopping; all major roads and bike lanes will be cleared within 48-72 hours of snow ending

Level 3

•    6 inches or more of snow
•    DPW crews will plow and salt on major thoroughfares.
•    Bike Lanes will be cleared after vehicle travel lanes have all been removed of snow; accumulated snow in bike lanes will be pushed to the closest intersection and hauled away.

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