IMG could have what they wanted? I would not agree with that based on my investigation.

Witness says that this was a proposed reorganization by IMG in 2002 but doesn't know if it actually happened. Not saying it couldn't be, just that she doesn't know that.

Judge Feikens meeting with Mercado and team monthly over 6 years? Yes, I agree.

Looking at a document in Judge Feikens files which showed that when he was involved in search for new water director when Mercado decided to leave in July 2008, Feikens was canvassing country to see appropriate wages. In LA, it was $329,820 for example (Not mentioned today but we know that Victor made less than that at $240,000).

You talked yesterday about the sibling contracts 2014 and 2015? Yes.

And the pilot project that led to 2012?

Pilot was 1347 that became CM 2012 on the downtown water main projects.

That was an ambitious project? Yes I agree with that.

It dealt with a momentous opportunity for Detroit? The Super Bowl asks witness?

Yes says Crandall and the All Star Game.

Crandall says it was ambitious because it was "like spaghetti underground"? Those were the words used yes.

Some of this infrastructure was at least a century old and fragile. It was aggressive and ambitious? EPA agent says that a lot of the witnesses she spoke to felt a lot of pride in that project.

They got this done in 2 years, 3 years less than the prognosticators were saying? Yes I believe so says witness.

Companies competing? Yes says witness it was get your work done and you'll get more.

They got it done, it was complicated and there was a tremendous amount of paperwork? I didn't look at the engineering files. I'm assuming there was a lot of paper.

Project very successful? Yes.

And for Mercado overseeing this, he's got a lot of irons in the fire? I would say so.

Water main break on Jefferson Ave in July 2002. Do you remember they described dragging this guy from Puerto Rico out on the street?

Judge Edmunds says to Crandall you need to ask questions.

So he was on the scene like the sinkhole? I wasn't there...It very well could have happened.

Witness says yes, the sinkhole was an emergency response.

Crandall introducing sinkhole texts.

Crandall says he is trying to show jury the dialogue between Mercado and Kwame on august 22nd 2004. That Mercado was very professional? Yes.

Texts indicate he is on the scene? Yes.

It was an 150 foot sinkhole? Witness says she doesn't know the size but "it was enormous."