Detroit King's STEM Club takes the Spotlight for Fall Fan Choice Awards Nominations

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Fall Fan Choice Awards are still live in action. While nominations are still being submitted, Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School allowed us to get an up close look at their STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Club, which was also nominated for the Fan Choice Awards.

This morning, King held an assembly with approximately 200 students that were both involved and interested in STEM. Assistant principal and director of the STEM Club, Mr. Lawrence Fitz spoke to the students along with Oscar Cobb, a mechanical engineer and the principal of Smith Group.

According to Cobb, Smith Group is a firm that has been operating in Detroit for 165 years and their goal is to engage students so that they can find future careers in the architectural engineering industry. "I chose to come to King as a Detroit native to expose them to the opportunities that we offer through our  Explorers Post Program to give them a taste of what architecture is about," says Cobbs.

The goal for Smith Group is to partner with Detroit King's STEM Club and to also help with building an engineering program for students. Currently, there are over 50 students who are members of the club and at least 100 promising students ready to join, according to Principal Deborah Jenkins and Mr. Fitz.

"These are brilliant young minds, and we are just happy to have their talent here," says Fitz. He continues, "The mission of our STEM Club is to increase student interest and involvement in STEM through lessons, hands on projects, connectivity and engagement. We've found that this improves studies and career choices and understanding of life."

Principal Jenkins explains that the STEM Club was just re-established at the school, which is why they are looking to encourage more students to join. The staff and faculty at King are also aiming to make a connection through STEM by crossing curriculums. "At King we say, 'King Brings the STEAM.' We include not only our science, technology, engineering and mathematics; but we're heavily involved with our athletics and arts, which is why we say 'STEAM,'" says Jenkins. 

"We learned about mechanical engineering, heating ventilation systems, and a few other types of engineering and how it benefits us," says Amira Frye, a student interested in being a part of the club. "Kids normally think of cars when they hear the word 'engineering,' but it's way much more than cars that involves engineering."

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