Blighted home rescue, Penobscot elevator investigation

DETROIT – Hi, everyone!

It’s really starting to feel like fall. Let’s hope this rainy, ugly weather passes soon, so we can enjoy some fall sunshine.

I had the honor of emceeing Tara’s Walk on Saturday. You might remember the Tara Grant murder investigation. Sadly, Tara was a domestic violence victim. Her children and sister gather each year to honor her memory by raising money for Turning Point in Metro Detroit.

It is always nice to see Tara’s children. I’m happy to report they’re thriving, and I’m thankful so many people were there to support this important cause.


Our team had a busy week, and thankfully, our reports got results.

On the news side, let’s begin with a home that was a big danger to the people living next door. It was so blighted that the roof was caving in and the sides bowing outward. It needed to be torn down ASAP, but the city was moving slowly because the house was technically still owned by someone. Once we got involved, the city decided it was time to step in and tear it down.

Big thanks to the city for moving so quickly!

We also tackled a big problem inside the stately Penobscot Building. We’ve been flooded with emails from people concerned about the safety of the elevators. We were stunned by the stories we were told and by what we ourselves saw inside.

I contacted the city, and an inspector was there the next day. Building management needs to make repairs or replace the broken elevators ASAP. This is an important safety issue we will stay on top of.

On a lighter note, we were busy testing some of the newest beauty products that you might have seen on your own social media feeds. I was very curious about those jade face rollers that you see everywhere! Some were a bust, but one product in particular wowed us. I’m still stunned how well it worked, and now it’s a product I bought for myself.

As always, if you have something you need me to investigate, please reach out to the Help Me Hank team. We’re happy that we were able to offer help to some in need this week and look forward to helping you, if needed.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the Lions' bye. It's onto the Green Bay Packers next Monday night.

Take care!


Email: helpmehank@wdiv.com

Recall of the week

Check your refrigerators.

Lipari Foods (located right here in Michigan) is recalling chicken salad products and sandwiches due to a potential listeria contamination.

There are many “best by” dates on there, so I’ll just give you the product list and a link to some pictures of the labels to help you out!

  • Lipari Old Tyme Bulk Chicken Salad
  • Lipari Old Tyme Bulk Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad
  • Premo Chicken Salad Wedge Sandwiches
  • Fresh Grab Chicken Salad Wedge Sandwiches
  • Premo Signature Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad on Croissant

Scam of the week

Let’s change it up this week!

We always talk about scams you need to look out for, but let's talk about how to report a scammer to the FTC.

If you get a scam call or email, why should you report it?

Complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement officials investigate scammers and hopefully bring them to justice. If you have a complaint, you can call 1-877-FTC-HELP or file online. It’s important to let them know what scam you’ve experienced to help protect others, too.

Deal of the week

Victoria’s Secret is having a massive fall sale.

The deal includes sports wear for as low as $25, and 40% off pajama sets.

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