Looking for job with solid career path? This company creates culture to train, retain young talent

Image from Pixabay.
Image from Pixabay.

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Today’s workforce comes with a lot of baggage. According to a study by LaSalle Network, 65% of millennials report being satisfied or very satisfied in their current jobs.

At first blush, this sounds like good news for employers trying to attract young talent. However, less than half of the millennials surveyed reported being pleased with their career path and the training and development programs at their current company. 

These statistics suggest that millennials not only seek to firmly plant roots and grow with one employer, but they are also flight risks at current employers.

Because of record-breaking growth, United Shore, home to the top wholesale lender UWM, needs to hire 1,000 team members by the end of 2019, with more hires to come in 2020. The company has developed a formula to not only attract, but also retain, young, hungry talent.

Each Monday, the company, based in Pontiac, welcomes an average of 100 new team members who all undergo a week-long training and development program intended to educate them, immerse them in their work and inspire the new hires before they even report to their hiring leader.

The hires are onboarded with the understanding they have signed on for a career, not a job, and the expectation they will work no more than 40 hours a week, so they can use the rest of their time as they wish -- for family, friends, hobbies, etc.

Each team member has instant access to benefits thoughtfully curated to make workdays better and to get team members home to the places and people they value sooner.

The amenities include an on-site primary care doctor’s office, a Starbucks,a full-size basketball court and fitness center, a massage therapist, a food court, a hair salon, a dry cleaning service, a convenience store and more.

"People are the focus of our business,” said Mat Ishbia, president and CEO of United Shore. “We are not trying to wring out every minute of every person’s day because we understand that people aren’t living to work, they’re working to live. At United Shore, creating a positive team member experience means offering work-life balance and opportunities to grow.”

Team members are expected to approach each individual they encounter, whether internally or externally, with kindness, respect and a collaborative solution-oriented mindset. They are also in constant communication with leaders, coaches and training programs created to offer feedback, growth and, most importantly, a career path that is meaningful to the individual.

If this sounds utopian or just plain weird, it’s probably because it is. United Shore strives doesn’t do things like everyone else.

United Shore is hosting an on-campus career fair on Wednesday, Oct. 23, from 6 to 8 p.m. for full-time positions in underwriting, sales, information technology, operations and more.

All attendees will have the opportunity to tour the 75-acre, 600,000-square-foot headquarters and are guaranteed an interview.

If you want to create a future, build a career and enjoy doing your job around other happy people, register for your spot at the upcoming United Shore Career Fair or check out all available opportunities at unitedshore.com.