Does your high school have the best Spirit Squad?

Cheer away and nominate them in Local 4's 2017 4 Frenzy

Rochester Spirit Squad
Rochester Spirit Squad

Local 4's 4Frenzy is looking for the best high school Spirit Squad.

A Spirit Squad is known for their performance of physical athletic abilities. They rally the crowd to always keep them focused on the game. This may include chants, jumps, signs and often times incorporating dance. This allows for a great connection to help pump them up into cheering for the team. We are looking for a Spirit Squad who's known for keeping the audience involved by their exclusive routines.

Is this your high school’s Spirit Squad? Nominate them at http://ClickOnDetroit.com/4frenzy or on the poll at the bottom of this story. Let the nominations begin! Nominations open until Sept. 11, 2017. Voting starts Sept. 20 and you can vote once per hour until Oct. 2.

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