Spotlight: Warren Mott's Donovan Jackson steals the show

Voted 4Frenzy's 'Favorite Actor'


A performer at heart, Donovan Jackson enjoys being part of Warren Mott High School's Performing Arts program. And he's thrilled to be voted "Favorite Actor" in Local 4's 4Frenzy Winter Fan Choice Awards. His love for acting began at 14. 

Why acting:

"I was bitten by the acting bug long ago and I have always loved performing for people. As to what inspired, it was my love for comic book movies like "X-Men" and the MCU films I grew up watching and the way they brought joy to my family and me," said Donovan. 

Top Two Favorite Roles:

Juni from "The Colored Museum" and Pinocchio from "Shrek the Musical." "The role of Juni was definitely one I spent a lot of time researching, rehearsing, and preparing for because of the serious and heartbreaking message he represents for African Americans who were forced into war and treated like filth only to come back broken and scarred," Donovan said. Pinocchio was his first lead role which he had fun developing. 


Standing tall at 6 feet, 4 inches, Donovan sees his height as a conflict when it comes to expressing himself. "Sometimes I feel like I make big expressions but when I look in the mirror or on tape it looks small and awkward. It really throws me off when I'm trying to fully develop my character. Theater acting is very different from film acting which is ultimately where I want to head so I have to find a way to separate the part where I feel I should act more naturally and where I should become more expressive with my movements," said Donovan.

Role Models:

Donovan's role models are his parents and older sister. He said they are both the most hardworking, dedicated people he konows. His older sister is also his role model because, he says, "she is absolutely the smartest woman I know." "Everything I have done is to not only please myself but try to emulate the great example of a person she has set for me."

More than an actor:

Outside of acting, Donovan loves to read, write film & television screenplays, and watch movies. He is co-captain of the cross country team while participating in the Stay Woke Club and National Honors Society. When not in school, he can also be found volunteering with Samaritan Homes. 

Future Plans:

With plans to pursue a career as a professional film actor, Donovan will go to college to study acting while auditioning for his "big break." He hopes to one day play a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC Extended Universe, as those movies changed his life.

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