SPOTLIGHT: This top 10 high school diver wins 4Frenzy Fan Choice Award

Trenton High School junior Samantha Plough wins ‘Favorite Diver’

Samantha Plough - Trenton High School
Samantha Plough - Trenton High School (WDIV)

Favorite Subject: Math

Favorite Place in Woodhaven: Target

Favorite Artist: The Weeknd

Role Model: Her parents

Fun Facts: She was born in Moscow, Russia!

Junior Samantha Plough started swimming four years ago when she was in the seventh grade. Samantha is this year’s 4Frenzy Favorite Diver winner! This diver has been a state finalist both her freshman and sophomore year, placed in the top ten in the state last year, and won her regional as a freshman.

Samantha Plough with a medal. (WDIV)

“I love being part of this team,” says Samantha, “everyone is so supportive of each other and the energy is awesome.” Sam Randazzo is the diving coach for Trenton’s team, and Samatha says that he pushes her in ways that make her love the sport more each day.

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