SPOTLIGHT: Edsel Ford Thunderbird takes ‘Favorite Junior’ for Field Hockey

4Frenzy Fan Choice Award winner Joyce DiPietro looks forward to becoming a team leader

Joyce Di Pietro playing field hockey for Edsel Ford High School. (Steven Wielkopolan, WDIV)

Favorite Subject: Algebra

Favorite Place in Your Hometown: Greenfield Village

Favorite Artist: Lana Del Ray

Role Model: “My sister, because she shows me that when you work hard you achieve great things and she never gives up.”

Thunderbird Joyce DiPietro won this year’s 4Frenzy “Favorite Junior Field Hockey Player.” Joyce has played varsity field hockey for the past three years at Edsel Ford High School.

“My team and coaches are like a family to me. We have a special bond that I have never had with any other team,” says Joyce. “We work together, talk to each other, and are there for each other when times are rough. We are a family.”

Edsel Ford Field Hockey player Joyce Di Pietro (WDIV)

Joyce has had numerous memorable plays this season. “It made me feel good because it showed that my aim was improving and that my hits were perfect.”

Due to the pandemic, a lot of the team’s games were canceled. Joyce says that although this past season wasn’t the best, their team learned to work together and to trust each other when it comes to working hard as a team.

When it comes to Joyce’s next season she says that she is looking forward to being more of a leader. “I want to help the new girls get better and teach them how to play. It was hard my freshman year when I started, so I want to make sure that they feel comfortable."

We want to congratulate Joyce on her past season and are wishing her nothing but the best this school year! You can see other winners like her on the 4Frenzy page.

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