SPOTLIGHT: St. Mary’s captain Jason Ross wins Favorite QB

4Frenzy winner has received offers to play at multiple colleges

Ross (#7) commands the line of scrimmage before starting a play for the Eaglets offense. (Photo/James Ferris)

Favorite lunch at school: Pizza

Favorite actor: Adam Sandler

Role models: His parents

The winner of the 4Frenzy Fan Choice Award for Favorite Quarterback is Jason Ross of St. Mary’s! Ross is a tall, strong-armed quarterback who can not only throw the ball, but also run it effectively. The St. Mary’s offense featured a lot of play action rollouts this year, which allowed Ross to do what he does best: throw the ball accurately on the run, or scramble for the first down. Ross has already received offers to continue playing quarterback in college from Mount Union, Valparaiso, and Lawrence Tech.

St. Mary’s has a historically good football program, with multiple alumni having played in the NFL, and being able to be a team captain for the Eaglets was Ross’ favorite memory of his career.

“I just feel very lucky to have been surrounded by the teammates and coaches that I had,” Ross said. “Every day we each got better. It’s something I can’t describe, and I wish everyone could experience this program to see what I mean.”

Ross has played football since he was in 3rd grade, and especially in a year affected by COVID, he knew not to take every play for granted.

“As a team, we act like every play, practice, game, team dinner, bus ride, morning workout, and everything in between is our last,” Ross said. “I learned this year that things can change very quickly, and the only way to keep true to yourself during change is by giving 100% of your effort.”

Ross hasn’t decided out of his offers yet on which school he’ll be attending next fall, but he hopes to study business and become successful in a way that helps other people.

Lastly, Ross assured his win as 4Frenzy’s Favorite Quarterback was not a solo award.

“Anything I’ve ever been awarded with has to do with the people I’m surrounded with,” Ross said. “Nothing is achieved on my own. I feel blessed to have everything I could ever need right beside me.”

Congratulations to Jason on the award and best of luck playing football at the next level!

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