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4Frenzy Winter 2020
4Frenzy Winter 2020

We’re doing 4Frenzy differently this season because of COVID-19 restrictions. This current contest will focus only on ACADEMIC SUBJECTS ONLY right now and we’ll do another contest when Sports resume. If there are any sports that start once voting begins on February 3 we will leave those in.

So please share some of your learning experiences with us and we’ll post them on our website to share with everyone. Tell us what you’re learning about that’s NEW AND EXCITING! Let’s all join together and make the BEST of it and have some fun.

NOTE: We will notify you when Sports voting begins on our 4Frenzy page -- so please check back there frequently. And we will send out a newsletter so please sign up here. We will also post on our social media. But for now voting for Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Art/Music, Stem, Tech/Comp Sci, Foreign Language, and P.E./Health starts Feb. 3.

You still have time to nominate yourself, your friends, or your teachers in those subjects until Jan. 31.

Answer some quick poll questions BELOW!

We’d like to thank our sponsors Meijer and Hungry Howie’s Pizza for their support.

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