SPOTLIGHT: Clawson High School freshman excels in math class

4Frenzy nominee Evie Liford pushes forward through unusual learning times

4Frenzy nominee Evie Liford pushes forward through unusual learning times (Melissa Liford)

School: Clawson High School

Favorite School Subject: Math!

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Stanfrauff

Learning looks a bit different for students across Metro Detroit as many have adapted to virtual learning or a unique new school schedule. But despite these changes, 4Frenzy ‘Favorite Freshman’ nominee, Evie Liford, said math is still her favorite school subject.

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Stankrauff,” said Liford. “She makes sure everyone understands the concepts and she doesn’t make you feel bad if you have a wrong answer.”

In January, Clawson High School transitioned to an in-person learning schedule. Liford said she was most excited about beginning ‘am/pm cohorts.’

Those with last names A-L have 6, 27-minute classes every morning Monday through Thursday and last names starting with M-Z do the same in the afternoons. All students are virtual on Friday for a standard “normal” school day.

Outside of academics, Liford is the Vice President of Student Council and enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, watching movies, drawing, and hanging out with family and friends in her free time.

Congratulations Evie Liford, best of luck with your 2021 academic endeavors!

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