SPOTLIGHT: Determined sophomore balances work, academics, and athletics

Jack Cicco takes 4Frenzy ‘Best Freestyle Swimmer’

Jack Cicco, Stony Creek High School
Jack Cicco, Stony Creek High School (Heather Cicco)

Favorite subject in school: Math & History; I am pretty good at solving problems and I like learning about the past

Favorite place in Rochester: George’s Coney Island; my friends and I like to go there to eat and hang out

Favorite lunch at school: Bosco Sticks

Favorite artist: Lil Baby [Rapper], Rainn Wilson [Actor]

Meet sophomore Jack Cicco, voted ‘Best Freestyle Swimmer’ in the 2021 4Frenzy Winter Sports Contest. Cicco is a freestyle distance swimmer at Stoney Creek High School who started swimming at Twin Lakes Country Club when he was 7 years old.

“It can be difficult swimming long events at meets and then getting out and having to sprint a short race right after,” he said. “Swimming longer races gives me more time to come back and beat my opponents and win the race.”

Cherishing supportive coaches and teammates, Cicco dedicates his athletic growth to his friends and mentors who continuously cheer him on.

“My coaches Erica, Steve, and Clay have always supported me and always know what is best for me,” he said. “It has helped me become the swimmer I am today.”

The Cicco family (Heather Cicco)

When asked to give advice to students who aspire to swim in high school, Cicco touches on perseverance.

“Don’t quit if you have a bad season because everyone does at some point,” he said. “If you put in the work, the results come eventually.”

Michael Phelps is Cicco’s role model because he [Phelps] has overcome so many obstacles and has proven that hard work and determination pay off.

“I would like to potentially swim in college,” he said. “I also hope to become a lawyer someday.”

Outside of swimming, Cicco works at Jets Pizza and values his academics. He also enjoys hanging out with friends and family, playing video games, and going fishing.

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