SPOTLIGHT: Cass Tech HS violinist launches community program for young musicians

Accomplished sophomore, Isabella Vesprini, receives grant for “Stay Active Inside” program

Accomplished sophomore, Isabella Vesprini, plays violin (Stacey Manuel)

What is your favorite school subject? English

What is your favorite place in St. Clair Shores? Riding my bike in the city’s many beautiful parks

Favorite lunch at school? Salad from the salad bar

Who is your role model? My mom, she’s always by my side and pushes me to be the best version of myself

Meet St. Clair Shores native, Isabelle Vesprini! A sophomore at Cass Technical High School, Vesprini is an accomplished violinist and vocalist.

“One of my favorite violin experiences was performing at Carnegie Hall with my Music School Touring group,” she said. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am so grateful to have experienced something so wonderful.”

If Vesprini isn’t performing at Carnegie Hall, she is volunteering in the Co-Ette Club, running track, writing poetry, or working on her community program, “Stay Active Inside.”

“At the beginning of the pandemic I had a lot of time on my hands,” she said. “I wanted to do something to benefit my community while having to stay indoors.”

This past summer, Vesprini received a grant to launch “Stay Active Inside” and currently works with Detroit youth. Incorporating her love for music, she virtually assists other young violinists by practicing with them to ensure they stay entertained and motivated.

“On my private Facebook page, I offer weekly storytime, arts and crafts, and even send family-fun packages,” she said. “I will soon be expanding my program to be able to children all over Michigan.”

Outside of working with her program, Vesprini participates in the Co-Ette Club. A leadership club for young girls, members are invited by invitation only.

“My favorite memories during my first year in the club, which have been virtual due to COVID-19, are the opportunities I’ve had to bond with my club sisters,” she said. “I still haven’t met most of them but we’ve all gotten so close.”

Vesprini aspires to attend Spelman College and study in their music therapy program. She hopes to become a Music Therapist and have her own practice.

“Music is something I’ve always been passionate about and using it to help others in my future career would be amazing.”

Best of luck Isabella, in your future endeavors!

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