SPOTLIGHT: Novi sophomore wins two 4Frenzy Awards for Track & Field

Makayla Stewart talks about control on and off the field

4Frenzy - Makayla Stewart

Favorite subject in school: English

Favorite place in Novi: Ella Mae Power Park for great running trails, plus it’s near the discus throwing ring

Favorite Artist: Taylor Swift and Conan Gray

Role model: All of her coaches

Meet track and field star Makayla Stewart who won both “Discus” and “Shot Put” for 4Frenzy’s Spring 2021 Track and Field category. Although Stewart just started to compete this year, she has been learning about the sport since freshman year.

“One thing that track has taught me is that you have to focus on what you can control. When you’re in the ring, there’s no one else to blame but you,” Stewart said. “It has shown me that taking responsibility for your actions is crucial and the first step to getting better is to be aware of the mistakes you are making and then learn to fix them.”

As if managing one sport wasn’t hard enough, Stewart plays volleyball year-round. She is also a member of the Student Council as the sophomore Secretary, and writes for her school paper. In addition, Stewart participates in DECA, for which she has qualified to compete at the National level the past two years.

Stewart believes that track and field has helped her become more focused and open. Her advice to others that plan on getting involved in track and field is to keep trying.

“Be willing to take risks and try new things. Track and Field is a huge sport, with several events, and you may not know what’s best until you try that event,” she said. “I would also advise that anyone joining Track immerse themselves into the Track world – there are so many memories to be made if you just put yourself out there!”

Stewart’s goals for the future include continuing with track and field, studying business at college, and eventually attending law school. Her dream is to become a corporate lawyer while coaching on the side.

Good luck pursuing your future endeavors, Makayla!

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