Spotlight: ‘Favorite Diver’ wants to study Women’s Health

4Frenzy winner Macy Polasek dives for Brandon High School

Macy Polasek is a diver from Goodrich. (WDIV)

Favorite School Subject: Integrated math

Favorite Musician: Kevin Abstract

Role Model: Best friend

Macy Polasek won favorite diver in 4Frenzy! Macy started diving in 2019, her freshman year of high school. During her sophomore year, she started working with Lake Orion dive coach, John Pearson. The advice he has given her has helped her improve her technique and become a well rounded diver.

“Don’t overthink your dives,” explained Macy. “You won’t die if you try something new, and it’s okay to smack.”

Macy Polasek preforms a dive for Brandon High School. (WDIV)

Ryne Drogemuller, Macy’s coach, has been a tremendous supporter from the beginning. Macy also gives credit to her teammates that always show their love for each other.

“It’s honestly relieving to swim with my team and dive with my teammate Layla Jordan,” said Macy. “We comfort one another with any personal struggles.”

Though she still has one year left of diving before heading off to college, Macy is uncertain about her diving career in the future. She has taken an interest in programs at Grand Valley University and Oakland University. Preferably, she would like to go to University of Michigan or Michigan State University to study women’s health.

Outside of swimming Macy enjoys snowboarding at Mt. Holly during the winter and hanging out at Lake Shinanguag during the summer.

The hard work that Macy has put in since starting to dive in 2019 has been on full display, and she still has one more year to enjoy.

Keep up the hard work, Macy!

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