SPOTLIGHT: Multi-talented wrestler from Holly H.S.

Sophomore Konner Welch has tons of unique hobbies outside of his sport

4Frenzy Winter Spotlight - Konner Welch

Favorite Place in Holly: Cupcakes and Kisses

Favorite School Lunch: Taco Tuesdays

Favorite Musician: Joji

Role Model: His band instructor and pastor

Konner Welch, a sophomore at Holly High School, has tons of interests and hobbies – some he does in school, and some in his free time. The long list includes (but isn’t limited to) symphony band, marching band, origami, blacksmithing, gaming, marksmanship, rock collecting, and fishing.

He plays more than 12 instruments and is self-taught on most of them. And he’s an athlete who has earned varsity letters as a freshman in wrestling and track and field.

He started wrestling when he was in 7th grade, and is in band at Holly HS. Konner was also invited to Blue Lake Fine Art Camp’s European Tour, where he will play music for a month around Europe. Due to Covid he has not been able to do so.

Konner Welch

Konner has always been in advanced classes and is a straight A student. He started his own “yard pet maintenance” business when he was 11 and works at it every weekend to save money for extracurricular activities.

When asked to give advice to other students entering his activities Konner said, “Never give up, no matter how difficult it may seem, just keep trying and you’ll do well.”

He also says that his team is full of fun, hard-working people, including his coaches Josh Houldsworth and Jake Hyde who “have managed to make me a much better wrestler, are fun and knowledgeable.”

His goal is to become a band director and teacher, eventually filling the shoes of his mentor Ben Baldwin. MSU is his first choice but he plans on applying to many colleges.

He’s also very active in his church where he attends mission trips and volunteers in any way he can.

A student with so many passions is bound to have a bright future. Good luck, Konner!

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