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Important rules to know before using bird scooters in Ann Arbor

City officials exploring regulation options

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Bird scooters have landed in Ann Arbor, but residents should know what's allowed before they ride them.

The scooters are all around Ann Arbor after arriving last Friday. Students and residents are using them to get from one part of the campus to the other.

"They came to campus a week ago," student Shaun Dass said. "I thought they were great. I go to Downtown Ann Arbor, class. They're fantastic."

"I'm going to class," student Sam Weise said. "I was late. I thought I'd check the map, and there happened to be one nearby my apartment, so I grabbed it and I'm going to class. It's very convenient."

City officials are taking exception to how the scooters are being used. For one, they're prohibited on sidewalks.

"I could see how the city would have a problem with it because it's interfering with pedestrians," one resident said.

The scooters technically aren't allowed on streets, either.

"We can go on the right right here," a student said. "It's not too crowded yet. You run into problems on State Street. It's a little crowded by the union."

The city also reserves bike lanes for bicycles only.

Officials said violators who leave a scooter in the right of way could be issued a citation, which could result in a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500.

Students told Local 4 they're willing to take the risk for the benefit of convenience.

"I'm loving it because I'm going to make class," a student said.

Public Act 204 of 2018 will go into effect next week and allow the motorized scooters to be legally used on the street. It also allows local governments to regulate their use.

Ann Arbor officials said they are exploring a variety of options available on the issue, including regulation.

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