Washtenaw County family receives cryptic hand-written note after pet pigs go missing

LODI TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A family wants answers after a poorly-written note appeared in their mailbox after their two pet pigs went missing.

Connor Root got Marvin and Moses after graduating college and he’s had them ever since. Just like cats and dogs, his two pigs are a part of his family.

“They mean a lot,” Root said. “They brought a lot of good memories to a lot of people.”

When Marvin and Moses aren’t at home, they’re visiting senior centers.

“They’re celebrities in quite a few places, I’m sure,” Root said.

Last week, the two got out of their home and haven’t been seen since. Root scoured the neighborhood, put up flyers and posted in several local Facebook groups looking for help.

Root received a cryptic hand-written note in his mailbox Friday.

“I am so so sorry about you pigs,” the note reads. “I saw were wild and did not know pets. Forgive me.”

The note is poorly written, but Root believes maybe someone found Moses and Marvin and killed them under the assumption they were wild pigs.

Part of the mystery is that whoever wrote the note knew to put it in the family’s mailbox.

Root said he wants closure to know what happened to Marvin and Moses.

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