IV-drip and wellness lounge to open in downtown Ann Arbor in 2020

Mobile services company plans hydration lounge in the heart of Ann Arbor

The hydration wellness company plans to move into its Main St. lounge in 2020.
The hydration wellness company plans to move into its Main St. lounge in 2020. (Pixabay)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Ann Arbor performance and wellness company InfusIV Hydration plans to offer hydration and recovery to busy Ann Arborites at its anticipated downtown location.

Currently serving the Ann Arbor population with its at-home hydration services, InfusIV Hydration is bringing its relaxation and recuperation services to its future Main St. lounge.

The downtown location will not only offer InfusIV’s signature IV-drip hydration packages but the company plans to also offer cryotherapy as part of its wellness services according to Nick Balow, co-owner of InfusIV Hydration and University of Michigan Ross School of Business graduate.

According to Balow, he and the other owners of the company decided to bring IV hydration to Ann Arbor after experiencing it themselves.

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“IV Hydration is the most direct way of supplying the body with the healthy fluids, vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes that it needs to function at its best. A couple of our drips also contain amino acids and powerful antioxidants,” said Balow through email.

“The results are refreshing both physically and mentally and provide a very clean, non-jittery, and steady supply of energy. People often request a drip when they are hungover, experiencing fatigue from a grueling work week, looking to detox or cleanse, or trying to boost their immune system.”

Balow said that the company decided to open up a physical lounge so as to make IV-hydration more accessible. The storefront is intended to provide a comfortable environment for those who would be hesitant about having a stranger coming into their home.

Full of busy professionals, university students, athletes and the health-conscious, Ann Arbor is a good fit for the wellness and performance service. Aside from helping active Ann Arborites who may feel run-down or dehydrated, Balow said that he and co-owner Adam Page have a deep love for the city through their personal ties to it.

As of now, the company serves the Ann Arbor population through concierge mobile IV-drips with its personnel. Hydration packages include the “Classic,” a half-liter IV-drip for those wanting classic hydration, and the “Executive,” an IV-drip intended to help combat fatigue and dehydration in those leading exhausting lifestyles. Services range from $125 to $395.

Learn more about its services here.

According to Balow, the hydration lounge doesn’t have a set opening date, but the company hopes to be open to the public in 2020.

The lounge will be located at 337 South Main St. Currently, the storefront is closed off and marked as a future site for the InfusIV Hydration lounge.

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