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Ann Arbor design studio creates partition for businesses during coronavirus pandemic

Synecdoche Design releases WORKWALL partition

The Synecdoche WORKWALL comes in four sizes.
The Synecdoche WORKWALL comes in four sizes. (Synecdoche Design)

ANN ARBOR – Local design and architecture studio Synecdoche has announced its newest product in response to the COVID-19 crisis: the WORKWALL partition.

The partition is compact and acts as a barrier against airborne particles while featuring a writable surface that’s also suitable for sticky-notes. The partition is four inches wide and can fit on a coffee table.

Synecdoche began printing PPE face shields for first responders and medical facilities at the onset of the pandemic using its 3D printers. With these capabilities, as well as a CNC machine for custom fabrication and model making, the firm decided to design a long-term product that can easily be set up in business spaces, in restaurant dining rooms or in classrooms.

“Small businesses are strained and need equipment that enables them to get back to work safely and affordably,” according to a news release. “The flexible and adaptive design prioritizes long term use application and stylish details. The table top design can span between two level surfaces, avoiding table legs, sit-stand controls, file cabinets, or other accessories that may obstruct the ability to attach.”

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The WORKWALL partition features tool-free assembly and can be customized to have frosted or clear panels and different color handles to match your office. Width of the partition can also be customized.

Sizes and pricing

  • Small: 24”L x 4”W x 24”H - $95
  • Medium: 36”L x 4”W x 24”H - $145
  • Large: 48”L x 4”W x 24”H - $165
  • Extra Large: 60”L x 4”W x 24”H - $215

Synecdoche hopes to begin production on May 26.

For more information, including how to place an order, visit www.synecdochedesign.com/workwall.

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