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Historic Pizza Bob’s in Ann Arbor will move to new location

New location, same atmosphere

A chipati and chipati sauce at Pizza Bob's. Photo courtesy of Pizza Bob's. (Pizza Bob's)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Fans of Pizza Bob’s in Ann Arbor have until Aug. 31 to visit the historic eatery at its current location.

Known for its chipatis and milkshakes, the downtown eatery will be traveling 110 feet to a new location at 800 S. State St. on Sept. 1.

Renamed after famed cook Robert “Pizza Bob” Marsh, the casual eatery has been operating in Ann Arbor for over 50 years, according to owner Pam Pietryga.

“It was a difficult choice to make but there’s so many pluses that I just couldn’t say no,” Pietryga said.

Although the business has been able to deliver food and offers curbside pick up, Pietryga said that only one group of customers can come into its 814 S. State St. location to eat.

The new location, formerly RedLight Cafe, will allow Pizza Bob’s to double its seating. On the inside, the eatery will have seating on the main level and on a lower level. On the outside, Pietryga said there is enough space to spread out four or five tables with additional seating.

A photo of Pizza Bob's from 1972. The eatery will move to a new location on Sept. 1, 2020. Photo courtesy of Pizza Bob's. (Pizza Bob's)

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Not only does the move give the business more space, but it will now make its famous Chipati sauce in-house. Pietryga said the business has been using the Growing Hope Incubator Kitchen in Ypsilanti to make cases of the sauce, but by moving the operation in-house, she can better monitor quality.

“It will be easier to maintain the supply and to make it, “Pietryga said. “I don’t usually like to make more than 18-20 cases ahead because I want to make sure that when a person buys it, that it’s fresh.”

She added that the ability to make the sauce onsite will also allow her to make large batches for customers when requested.

Fans of Pizza Bob’s can expect the same eatery, just in a new location.

“We’re going out of our way trying to bring as much of the old place over with us, " Pietryga said.

She remodeled the inside of the new location to look like the original. She plans to bring over posters, signs, booths and stools from the original location in order to keep the same atmosphere that her customers know and love.

Pizza Bob's has served Ann Arbor for over 50 years. Photo courtesy of Pizza Bob's. (Pizza Bob's)

While she will miss the fall football crowds, Pietryga said she has been thankful for her customers who visit so regularly that they recognize her and her family even when they aren’t working. In December, she will have owned Pizza Bob’s for 20 years.

To celebrate the move, Pizza Bob’s will give away Pizza Bob facemasks and have $8 meal deals, including a Chipati and milkshake combination.

Pizza Bob’s will be located at 800. S. State St. as of Sept. 1.


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