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Ann Arbor author pens children’s book about long distance friendship

Self-published children's author Lauren Ranalli with her latest book, "Let's Meet on the Moon."
Self-published children's author Lauren Ranalli with her latest book, "Let's Meet on the Moon." (Lauren Ranalli)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Ann Arbor children’s author Lauren Ranalli has penned a book about staying connected to friends despite long distances.

Initially inspired by a long-distance friendship of her niece, “Let’s Meet on the Moon” focuses on a friendship between a young boy and girl. The girl moves away and the two begin to write about places where they could meet. Ideas move from meeting at a carnival or in a treehouse to more fanciful places, like the moon.

Ranalli wrote the story before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic; however, the story is fitting for the current situation as people think of creative ways to reach out to friends and family.

While the book is geared towards young readers, parents and older readers can also find meaning in the story about connectedness. Ranalli said that some readers have even told her they plan to mail the book itself to friends or old roommates as a sign of friendship.

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She said the book is also a love letter to mail and using the mail system, something that is particularly apt as post offices across the U.S. struggle with postal funding and increased volume.

“Let’s Meet on the Moon” is the third book that Ranalli has worked on with Ann Arbor illustrator Emily Siwek. The two worked together on Ranalli’s “The Great Latke Cook Off” and “Places We Have Never Been.”

The new book will be available mid-October. For those who pre-order it by Sept. 30, Ranalli will include themed postcards to encourage readers to take action right away if they are inspired to reach out to others.

If you want to buy Ranalli’s book, be sure to use the code ALLABOUTA2 for a 15% discount.

Learn more about Ranalli and her children’s books here.

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