Oxford Companies launches ‘instant offices’ around Ann Arbor

An instant office in Ann Arbor. (Oxford Companies)

ANN ARBOR – In response to the changing local business climate, Oxford Companies has launched a new collection of commercial office units with a simplified leasing process and move-in ready amenities.

Located throughout the city, each “Oxford Instant Office” is equipped with Wi-Fi access and is refreshed with carpeting and brand-new paint. One office is located in downtown’s iconic Nickels Arcade.

“When it comes to leasing office space, organizations are more likely than ever to value flexibility, simplicity, and great service," Oxford Companies CEO Jeff Hauptman said in a statement. “That’s what we’re aiming to provide with the Oxford Instant Office.”

According to Oxford Companies, each lease is short-form and easy-to-understand. The leases are as short as six months and are designed to offer business owners and organizations a chance to move in quickly. Utilities and janitorial services are included in each lease.

For more information, and and to apply to lease a unit, visit www.oxfordcompanies.com/instant-office.

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