Dexter-based motivational brand partners with Ann Arbor cheesecakerie

Motivational brand WithMrs.B has partnered with 24th Cheesecakerie to offer T-shirts with some sweet sayings. (Dannielle Boquette)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – “The stories that you tell yourself matter. If you embrace those ideas, all hard things really are do-able. And we shouldn’t shy away from hard things, because that’s life, " said With Mrs. B creator Danielle Boquette.

Based in Dexter, the brand has joined forces with Ann Arbor’s 24th Cheesecakerie to spread inspiration and good vibes.

Officially launched during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by Boquette, With Mrs. B uses words and customized merchandise to empower customers as they overcome difficult situations. Now, it’s working with 24th Cheesecakerie to spread messages of fun (and cheesecake.)

Cheesecake and motivational slogans are an unconventional pairing but Boquette said that she and 24 Cheesecakerie owner Sean Brezzell both have a mutual desire to improve their communities and support other local entrepreneurs.

“We’re two driven people trying to be successful in building community, and that’s what matters,” Boquette said.

The two worked together to create locally-focused sayings for T-shirts, like “Hail Yeah Cheesecake” and “Peace Love Cheesecake."

Those looking for some comfort food can now find With Mrs. B tees inside the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti 24th Cheesecakerie shops, as well as the soon-to-be Madison Heights store.

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Do Hard Things

But With Mrs. B isn’t just cheesecake sayings or customized goods. Boquette started her brand as a way to build a community of resilient people who need support, and who want to support others.

One of her brand’s flagship slogans, “Do Hard Things,” goes beyond the words themselves. It’s an attitude that she wants customers and members of her growing community to think about as they tackle problems.

It is also very personal for Boquette. She’s had a series of hard situations in her life, including taking care of her chronically-ill mother, that taught her resilience and to do hard things in order to move forward.

“I made it a point to really continue to forge on, and not with a perfect life, but continue to live the life of ‘I’m going to be a little bit better than I was yesterday. I’m going to be a little bit better than I was last year. I’m going to take that thing that happened, that I didn’t plan for, and I’m going to pivot my life,'" Boquette said.

After a year-and-a-half of grieving her mother’s unexpected death and not knowing what to do, she rediscovered her purpose in With Mrs. B and in spreading impactful words.

“I’ve learned that if you think it, feel it, need it -- somebody else does too,” she said.

Boquette wants her’s brand’s reach to go beyond merchandise. She is trying to build a community online where members lift each other up and can share with each other. Not everyone is naturally resilient, and she wants the With Mrs. B brand and community to be a place individuals turn to when they need a boost.

Eventually, she hopes to put together events where WithMrs.B community members can learn from each other and share their own triumphs or challenges.

And Mrs. B? That’s Boquette. The name came from her children’s friends and her online presence.

Find With Mrs. B merchandise inside 24th Cheesecakerie locations and online here.

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