U-M publishes COVID guidebooks based on experience of patients, caregivers

Books provide tips on COVID care

Health (Jean-Marie Guyon, Jean-Marie Guyon)

ANN ARBOR – A team at the University of Michigan has published a set of nine guidebooks that outline what it’s like to live with COVID-19.

The source? COVID patients and caregivers.

Other sources include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Michigan Medicine and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

The electronic publications are free and printable and feature practical, easy-to-understand advice and areas to record important information.

They are available online now at COVID Collaborative Care Workbook.

The project was launched by a team from the BioSocial Methods Collaborative at U-M’s Institute for Social Research after they learned that there was a lack of resources for COVID caregivers and patients who are taking part in the HEART study. The collaborative includes faculty and staff from medicine, nursing, psychiatry, psychology and various other fields.

Procter & Gamble Co. and U-M’s Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research supported the initiative.

According to the team, the guides can serve as templates for others, from individuals to medical centers.

“In the last nine months, health care professionals have gained more experience with the medical side of COVID-19 care, but every patient and caregiver has been going through it for the first time, each time,” Theodore Iwashyna, who inspired the development of the guides said in a statement. “We needed to create a resource that distills the patients’ and caregivers’ best advice into practical guides to help others, from the start of serious symptoms through hospitalization and recovery. We plan to apply for funding to research the effectiveness of the guides.”

“We at Procter & Gamble continually innovate to be a force for good and force for growth. And we know we can’t do it alone, that is why it is a privilege to partner with experts at trusted institutions like the University of Michigan,” Kamilah Gillispie, P&G vice president of corporate functions research and development said in a statement. “Partnering on this work extends P&G’s mission of being a ‘force for good’ to serve, support and empower our consumers and their families in these trying times.”