Washtenaw County prosecutor announces office will no longer pursue charges for consensual sex work

Human traffickers will be prosecuted

Washtenaw County Prosecutor Eli Savit announced Thursday that his office will no longer press criminal charges in consensual sex work cases.

WASHTENAW COUNTY, Mich.The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office will no longer pursue charges against those who work consensually in the sex industry.

“We are focused on crime that really harms the community,” said Washtenaw County prosecutor Eli Savit.

Charges will not be filed against consensual sex workers, officials said.

“We are saying, we are not charging the mere exchange of sex for money consensually,” Savit said.

The prosecutor will still work cases against human traffickers and those who may be holding people against their will.

Sandra Ramocan works closely with sex workers at the organization “Alternative for Girls” and she believes it’s a step in the right direction -- as long as the sex is completely consensual.

“As an agency, we say we think it’s a good thing, you know, because as we’re working with these survivors of sex work, and they’re coming into us to get some services. These criminal records follow them,” Ramocan said.

“I have no tolerance for human traffickers. They will be a priority in our prosecutor’s office. We will go after them. This policy is geared towards ensuring that we do not see a rise in human trafficking and that we are aware when it is going on” Savit said.

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