Ann Arbor school board votes to offer hybrid learning option

School board initially discussed keeping remote learning for remainder of school year

Ann Arbor school board votes to offer in-person learning option

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – After being fully remote for almost a year, the Ann Arbor Public Schools will be transitioning to a hybrid option by the end of March.

Last week, the school board created controversy when it asked the superintendent to present it with a plan to keep students fully remote until the fall. Ann Arbor is one of the only districts in the state which has not offered any type of hybrid learning option up to this point.

Parents and students pushed back on the idea that students would be kept completely remote.

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The Ann Arbor City Council sent a letter to the board asking it to clarify when an in-person option would be available. The district attempted to calm the anger by explaining a fully remote plan was simply an option and not a conclusion. However, it did little to soothe parents and students.

On Wednesday, the board voted to get a hybrid learning plan moving after more than 200 people signed up to address the board, overwhelmingly supporting a return to school.

Starting March 25, Preschool, young fives and kindergarten will have an in-person hybrid option. Small classes of sixth grade to high school seniors will also be given the option.

First and second graders would start April 5, and third through fifth graders on April 12. The rest of the students would then be brought back incrementally.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer had pushed for an in-person option to be offered across the state by March 1.

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