City of Ann Arbor to begin spring hydrant flushing

Photo: Pexels

ANN ARBOR – The city of Ann Arbor announced it will begin its spring hydrant flushing on April 12.

Hydrant flushing ensures that sediment and minerals that have built up in the water lines are removed. The preventative maintenance also allows the city to monitor water pressure to ensure the system is operating properly.

Flushing takes place weekly from the spring to the fall.

To see when flushing will take place in your area, check the hydrant-flushing map.

City officials warn that your water might temporarily have an orange, rusty color when flushing is taking place in your area. This is due to the disturbance of iron sediment in the water pipes during hydrant flushing and is not dangerous.

The water is safe to drink and residents are asked to run the tap closest to their water meters on cold until their lines are clear. Toilets should also be flushed once or twice if you notice a reddish tint in your water.

“The water should run clear within a few minutes but may last until the evening when hydrant flushing stops and more people are home to move the rusty water out of the system,” the city wrote in a release.

In contrast, residents are asked to not run warm water once they observe a discoloration since it will be forced into the water heater. If rusty water does get into your water heater, drain the device following manufacturer’s instructions.

For more information, visit the city’s hydrant flushing website.

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