Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti breweries raise funds for Habitat for Humanity house

Beer being poured into a glass. (Pexels)

ANN ARBOR – Two local breweries have continued to help raise funds for Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

HOMES Brewery in Ann Arbor and Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti have been making donations to the nonprofit to benefit this year’s House That Beer Built.

While several local breweries have raised nearly $20,000 for H4H over the past three years and provided volunteers to help build the homes, the coronavirus pandemic dealt a serious blow to small businesses over the past year.

“This year we have a couple breweries who once again agreed to help even while struggling to stay cash positive,” read a H4H release. “Habitat would like to recognize these fantastic local partners. They give back to the community in multiple ways and are now in need of the same support.”

At Arbor Brewing Company’s two locations -- Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti and Plymouth Taproom in Plymouth -- customers can make a donation buy purchasing a pinup house, signing it and hanging it up in the brewery.

HOMES will soon be featuring designated tap selections and other specials benefitting H4H.

To learn more about this year’s House That Beer Built or to make a donation, visit

For more information about H4H projects and how to get involved, visit