Ann Arbor named No. 2 best college town in America

Annual college town rankings published by WalletHub

Community members dine and walk around a closed Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor. (Sarah Parlette, WDIV)

ANN ARBOR – Ann Arbor has snagged the No. 2 spot on WalletHub’s annual Best College Towns & Cities in America list.

Tree Town consistently ranks high on national lists for all it has to offer, including a vibrant social and cultural scene, plentiful restaurants, cafes and bars, its many parks and outdoor recreational activities and more.

The University of Michigan has left its own mark on the city, with spectator sports, world-class arts performances, the arboretum and botanical gardens, a leading health system and as a research hub.

“Experts have argued that a school’s geographical location is just as important as a strong curriculum and supportive school environment to a student’s academic success and personal development,” writes WalletHub.

“It’s in students’ interest to live in a city with a reasonable cost of living, as well as one that provides good academic and work opportunities,” the site continues. “The ideal city should also provide a fun social environment to help students deal with the stress of college.”

For the ranking, WalletHub compared more than 400 cities in the U.S. based on 30 factors surrounding academic, economic and social opportunities for students. The personal finance website said its data set ranges from quality of higher education to cost of living to crime rate.

Here are WalletHub’s top ten 2022 Best College Towns & Cities in America:

  • No. 1: Austin, Texas
  • No. 2: Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • No. 3: Provo, Utah
  • No. 4: Orlando, Florida
  • No. 5: Oxford, Ohio
  • No. 6: Gainesville, Florida
  • No. 7: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • No. 8: West Lafayette, Indiana
  • No. 9: Rexburg, Idaho
  • No. 10: College Station, Texas

To see the full list and WalletHub’s methodology, click here.