Get ready to save the bees with ‘No Mow May’

Ann Arbor conservation effort aims to reduce lawn cutting, increase healthy pollinators

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – A new conservation initiative in Ann Arbor hopes to save bees and other local pollinators.

“No Mow May” encourages residents to not cut their grass until May 31 in order to promote local populations of pollinators and other environmentally helpful creatures.

On Wednesday, Ann Arbor City Council unanimously passed a resolution urging citizens to refrain from mowing and highlighting the importance of pollinators on food diversity.

“The Ann Arbor City Council recognizes that bees and other pollinators are integral to pollination of plants in order to grow a wide diversity of essential foods including fruit, nuts and vegetables,” the resolution states.

The council recognized that dandelions and other wildflowers, which grow in lawns, are essential sources of food for pollinator populations after the winter.

Residents can let their lawns go, but they still need to manicure spaces like street or public sidewalk right-of-ways and keep them free of debris. Not doing so could impact public safety and violates ordinances under Ann Arbor City Code sections 3:15 and 3:16. Trees and vegetation on private properties should still be maintained.

Council members Erica Briggs, Lisa Disch, Kathy Griswold, Jeff Hayner and Elizabeth Nelson sponsored the resolution.

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