Here is Barbara Bush's memoir excerpt about her time living in Michigan

Bush wrote about staying in Wyandotte, Dearborn

President George H.W. Bush with First Lady Barbara Bush (July 1992)
President George H.W. Bush with First Lady Barbara Bush (July 1992) (George Bush Library and Museum)

DETROIT – Former First Lady Barbara Bush mentioned spending time in Metro Detroit in her memoir.

She wrote about her time in Wyandotte and Dearborn when her husband was stationed at Naval Air Station Grosse Ile. She wrote she learned how to cook, clean and wash clothes while living in Dearborn. 

Here is the excerpt:

"For the next eight months we moved around the country while George's new squadron formed and trained. Sometimes I could go with him and sometimes I couldn't. We went to Grosse Ile Air Base in Michigan and lived in rooms in Wyandotte and Dearborn. The first room we rented was dark, and the landlady took great pleasure in my mistakes. I made many. I heard her say one day to a friend on the phone, 'You should have seen what she did today. She washed all her silk underwear and it shrank.' I did, and it did, but how mean of her not to tell me how to wash it. We moved over to Dearborn and stayed with the dearest family, Joe and Grace Gorgone and their children. We have stayed in touch all these years, until Grace died in March 1993. She taught me some of the things my mother thought I should be able to pick up by reading -- things like how to cook, clean and wash clothes."

Bush's memoir was published in 1994. 

She died Tuesday at age 92.

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