This is the best place for tacos in Michigan, according to Thrillist

Los Altos Taqueria in Detroit. (Photo: Yelp)

Is this the best place for tacos in Michigan?

Thrillist published a list of the best tacos in every state this week and their pick from Michigan comes from Southwest Detroit.

Los Altos Taqueria, on Vernor Highway, has the best tacos in the state of Michigan, according to Thrillist. Here's what they wrote:

A good chunk of the Great Lakes State's Mexican diaspora hails from the highlands of Jalisco, and thus when you’re cruising down Detroit’s Vernor Highway -- home to Michigan’s largest Mexican population -- you’re bound to come across a number of Jalisciense eateries that specialize in birria.

The Mexican state’s official dish, birria is a spicy meat stew, usually prepared with goat (chivo en espanol).  While everyone has their favorite spot for birria, we’ll argue that the tacos de birria from Los Altos is among the strongest contenders.

Los Altos is the big sister to Taqueria Lupita’s, which is widely credited with introducing Detroiters to the traditional taqueria. But whereas Lupita’s is favored by the grab-and-go lunch crowd, Los Altos is the spot where you can stretch your legs a bit, sip on a margarita or cerveza, and chow down on a plate of exquisitely marinated tacos de birria. 

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