Report reveals biggest phobia among Michiganders


A new report has revealed the biggest phobia among Michiganders.

No, it's not orange construction cones.

According to the report from Your Local Security, Michigan's biggest phobia is bugs.

Research was conducted by using Google's autocomplete feature to find the 15 most common ways to end the phrases "why am I afraid of/to” and “why am I scared of/to.” Data was then compiled using Google Trends to see which of these phobias each state was searching for the most.


The only other state where bugs were the most-searched phobia was Colorado. Fear of spiders and fear of people came out on top as the most-searched fears in America, according to the report.

Other interesting findings:

  • North Dakota and Wyoming are the only states without a top-searched fear.
  • New Mexico is one of the sunniest states in the US and the only one most afraid of the dark.
  • Montana, a state with some tall peaks (including Granite Peak at 12,808’ and Mount Wood at 12,661’), is most afraid of heights.
  • California, home to Silicon Valley and Hollywood, has a fear of success.
  • New York, which has one of the least licensed drivers per capita and the most taxi drivers, has a fear of driving.

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