In Michigan, you can eat the world's largest burger, weighing 1,800 pounds, for $9,000

Record burger was certified in 2017

Mallie's Sports Grill & Bar - Instagram

Did you know you can actually eat the world's largest commercially sold burger right here in Michigan?

Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar in Southgate offers the gigantic food option, which is actually certified by Guinness as the world's largest commercially available burger.

The burger weighs in at 1,800 pounds and will cost you $9,000 to eat at the restaurant. It's unclear if you can get this to-go, but if you can, you'd probably need a pick up truck.

The guys at Mallie's owned the crown more than 10-years ago after creating a 138-pound burger. But after losing his title to a Japanese restaurant, Mallie's stepped up the game.

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The record burger was certified in 2017 as the largest. The bun alone weighs 250 pounds and is topped with 300 pounds of cheese.

Don't worry -- if you think the burger is too much, Mallie's has a full regular-sized burger menu, as well.

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